Revenue Share Bonuses at eXp Realty

The 50/50 Initiative

No other real estate company is giving back to it’s agents like eXp is. The 50/50 initiative at eXp is just one more way that eXp continues to show it’s the most agent-centric real estate company in the world. eXp is so much more than a real estate company. It’s a true multi-industry conglomerate, functioning in real estate, technology, media, and more. eXp earns revenue from all these various sources and is paying that revenue back to the agents!

Revenue Share Bonuses

Because eXp is honoring their pledge to ensure that 50% of company revenue is paid back to the agents through revenue share, when these other companies make money, a portion of the profit is added on to the monthly revenue share totals, providing agents with bonuses beyond what they’re getting from agent production. It’s incredible! Most months right now (May 22) have been in the 10-15% range. But one day, as the other parts of eXp continue to grow we could see that be a full doubling of our monthly revenue share!

How it Works

In this scenario eXp has a monthly revenue of $100 Million through agent production. And let’s say you’ve recruited agents to eXp and they’re in production earning you $5,000 per month strictly based on their real estate sales.. Now eXp will add the profit earned from their other companies, like Virbela and Success Enterprises to their total company revenue. Let’s call it an additional $10 Million, for a total of $110 Million. Because they’ve pledged to give 50% back to the agents, and production alone doesn’t get them to 50%, they add the profit from the other companies and give it back to the agents in the form of revenue share bonuses. That $5000 now becomes $5500 because eXp had to give you $500 to meet the 50% threshold. Basically, you’re getting free money because eXp is growing the other branches of the business!

If you’re interested in learning more about eXp, and how you can build a residual income that will change your life, schedule a call with me any time!


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