Pumpkin Pop-by!

It’s almost Halloween! You know what that means, right? PUMPKINS! This year we decided to put together a super fun pumpkin painting kit and stickers for our clients and their families, and hosting a contest for those who tagged David Tortolini Realty on Instagram, with a $50 dollar gift card. We ended up buying 68 pumpkins from three different stores. 

Buying a cart completely filled with Pumpkins is an excellent conversation starter.

We ordered paints kits, stickers and cellophane bags from Amazon and Michaels, and then tied them together with green ribbon. The green ended up looking really cute up against the stem of the pumpkin. 

It took a little experimenting to figure out the best way to attach the kit to the pumpkin. We tried tying them first, but it was difficult on some of the shorter stems, and we weren’t confident they would stay in place when delivering. Then we tried stapling the kits and found that this was the best way to keep the items in place. 

We put all the pumpkins, kits, and tags together on Friday and went home for the weekend. When we showed up Monday we had quite the surprise. Twenty two pumpkins were soft and soggy. That’s right. 22 out of 68 pumpkins had to be replaced. So, while David started delivering pumpkins to clients, I ran out to even more stores to track down more pumpkins and reattach the painting kits and tags.

Finally, all the pumpkins were ready to go! We delivered them to our amazing clients and their families, and so far, the reviews have been awesome. People are saying that their kids LOVE it! 


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