Be a Meth Dealer or Join eXp?

Everyone knows that Breaking Bad is one of the greatest television shows of all time – it has everything you could possibly want in a show; amazing characters and writing, crazy plot twists, action, and suspense. The idea that a high school chemistry teacher could turn into one of New Mexico’s most notorious drug deals is an absolutely crazy idea, and one that I loved all five seasons of. But not many people know that Walter White had a better option than being a drug dealer – he could have joined eXp Realty and built Revenue Share! Stick with me here…

Breaking Bad – The Money Part

The entire premise of the show was based around him needing to make $737,000 in order to secure his family’s finances for after he dies. With just two years to live, selling meth seemed like a good idea. After all, he had the skillset, and he knew someone in the trade. Seems like an easy leap to make! So where does that $737,000 come from? Walt estimates $360,000 to send his two kids to college, then $107,000 remaining on their mortgage, plus a $30,000 line of equity. He also wants to provide $2,000 per month for the next 10 years to cover basic living expenses. That all adds up to $737,000. We know Walt ends up making way more than this, but at what cost? Walt’s need to make this money quickly is the biggest reason for his taking extreme action. There was an alternative option about to come into existence when his journey began, one that would allow him to make this money, but spread it out over his 10 year timeline, and then allow that money to keep coming in even beyond that point. There was a much better opportunity coming into existence, and that opportunity was eXp Realty.

eXp Realty has this magnificent system, called Revenue Share, that could have led to his family’s financial freedom. Walt could have joined eXp and focused his efforts on growing the company and being paid residual income out of the company dollar collected off each transaction up until the agents he recruits cap at $80,000 GCI. For every agent he recruits directly into the company, he could make $2,800. And for every agent those agents bring in, he can earn up to $3200, and it keeps going from there. (Go here for a full breakdown of how rev share works). Do that enough times and the money can start to become quite significant! It’s crazy to think that he would put his whole family at risk by entering the world of drug dealing when he could have just helped a few agents come over to eXp and then helped those agents bring a couple agents over each. And he could have transformed their lives in the meantime.

eXp Realty – The Freedom Solution

Walter White is a great (albeit fictional) example of the extremes people will go through in order to provide for their family. For everyone else, you really don’t need to have 2 years to live to create a residual revenue to stream like this. Maybe you want to actually retire from selling homes – something very few realtors ever get to do. Take a look at your finances – if your sales income dropped to zero, would you be ok? Most realtors never truly retire. They still need a certain amount of income to get by so they continue selling until they physically can no longer do it. No one should have to live their life like that, unless it’s by choice.

Or maybe you want to create an additional income stream to send your kids to college, or travel without a loss of income. Because remember, when a realtor takes a vacation, they pay for it twice – once when they pay for the vacation and again due to the loss of productivity. When you have rev share coming in, it allows you to continue to earn income even without selling. Heck, that’s why most brokers open a brokerage! There’s an infinite number of reasons why building a revenue share income at eXp makes sense. Anyone who invests or focuses on wealth building at all, knows that you need to have multiple streams of income, and leveraged time in order to move beyond the pay-for-time rat race that so many are stuck in. If you run a brokerage, or have a team then you understand leverage. That’s what rev share gives you.

If you don’t have a plan for life after real estate, or god forbid, if something were to happen to you, then you owe it to yourself to look at the eXp model. Currently, over 1000 agents per week are joining the company and we’re just getting started. eXp gives you the opportunity to provide a safety net for your family, financial freedom, time freedom, and location freedom, and to build true wealth. It’s the answer to what do I do if I have a bad month? Or what if I need to take time off, unexpectedly? If you have questions about eXp, I’m always happy to answer them. I’m looking for other great agents to partner with at eXp, so contact me today!

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