Are Networks the New Brokerage?

In this video we’ll talk about real estate networks and how they’ve changed the landscape of the real estate industry. No longer is the support structure of the traditional brokerage model the only option agents have when selecting a firm. There’s a new model in town and that’s one where the agents support each other in addition to brokerage. You would think that this would have been revolutionized by Keller Williams since they were the first to introduce the sponsorship model and profit share. But, at least in my experience, the relationship between sponsor and sponsee is mostly just on paper. The expectation wasn’t that the sponor, or their sponsor, or their sponsor, was ever going to play a big role in your business. Then eXp came along and changed all that with Revenue Share

Your Sponsor at eXp

At eXp your sponsor can make a big difference, depending on where you are in your career. What’s happened at eXp is that a small percentage of agents have made recruiting their top priority and have built huge networks with hundreds, if not thousands, of agents. And as those networks have grown, those agents have taken it upon themselves to build out leadership teams and spend most of their time bringing value to the agents in their network, just like a brokerage would do. So these networks almost become mini-brokerages within the larger brokerage. As eXp has seen success with this model other new brokerages have emerged and are copying it.

Game Changers Nation

At eXp, my network is called Game Changers Nation. It’s filled with some of the top real estate coaches and former broker owners in the country. They provide regular training, networking, and masterminding opportunities to help us all grow. If you’d like to learn more about how a network functions at eXp or why an agent would want to focus on building their network, schedule a call with me any time!

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