5 Types of Agent Who Shouldn’t Join eXp

I know it’s my job to promote eXp and I know a lot of eXp agents try to bring every agent over, but in reality, there are just going to be agents for whom eXp isn’t a good fit. While I absolutely think eXp is the best brokerage out there, it is a unique model, and because of that some agents might be better of elsewhere. I want to partner with agents who truly believe in the company, the model, and the culture. If you’re not one of those, that’s cool. In the video below I outline five different types of agents that may not be a good fit at eXp. At least not without making a major adjustment to their business, or in the case of low producers, sacrificing some money.

At the time of posting this, eXp has passed 80,000 agents worldwide. You can’t have that many agents without running the gamut in terms of types of agents who are at the company. So these five types definitely exist within the company. Will they be here the rest of their careers? I don’t know. Depends on if they can adjust or if they’re too stuck in their ways. If you’re an agent who wants to build a successful career – one with flexibility, financial freedom, and is willing to pour into others, in whatever capacity that is for you, then I’d love to share more about eXp Realty with you. Click on the “Book a Call” button at the top of this page and let’s talk!

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